Sequester Protester: White House Threatens Bob Woodward Over Deep Quote

Translation: Woodward is a has-been.

March madness.  The Watergate journalist ramped up his criticism Wednesday anyway as Obama thugs ripped him a new one.  ABC News.

“So we now have the president going out (saying): “Because of this piece of paper and this agreement, I can’t do what I need to do to protect the country.”

‘That’s a kind of madness that I haven’t seen in a long time.” UK Daily Mail.

Obama "very senior" WH operative threatens Bob Woodward:  "You will regret doing this."  Woodward:  "It's Mickey Mouse."

Obama “very senior” WH operative threatens pest Bob Woodward: “You will regret doing this.” Woodward: “It’s Mickey Mouse.”

Deep Threat revealed:  dweeby Gene Sperling.  Politico “Behind the Curtain.”

Thursday, February 28, 2013 @ 5:58 AM

  • Marty Davis
  • Marty Davis

    Cynical CB commenters concur?   You know the drill.  Woodward has a new book coming out. … 

  • Jim Coles

    This time the O-thugs picked on a guy who knows how to counter-punch … he’s outnumbered but he can hurt them before he goes down … I think BHO has passed the zenith of his power but continues to overplay his hand … in the end, which can’t come soon enough for me, BHO and the Progs lose, but my oh my, how messily this insane period in our history will end!

    • Marty Davis

       It IS insane!  I guess I’m not shocked that Chicago thuggery disregards Woodward’s  legendary status. A dumb move to go after Woodward.  I think Woodward’s looking for buzz for his latest book out last year that’s a mere 640 on Amazon’s best-seller list.

      Woodward goes on tee vee to tout WH threats yet sends a suck-up email to Sperling in response to the “threat” email. 

      It’s all a game.  But I agree with you that Obama’s continuing to overplay his hand.  Spoiled brat.  He’ll take his ball and go home.

  • Sixtus66

    Actually, I sort of concur, the administration thought it could bully Woodward into retracting or just going away. If a new book is in the works, that would be the last thing he would do. Plus, Bob Woodward has enough juice in this town (I’m in DC) to withstand any administration’s counter offense. 

    The administration could bully and make cower the White House reporters by denying them access. Bob Woodward is a different story. He doesn’t need Jay Carney or a place in the press room. He has a Rolodex and years worth of sources. 

    • Marty Davis

      I’m an acquaintance of Bob’s.  I like Bob.  I think Bob likes me. Last I saw him was at a dinner in a private Georgetown home a few years back.  I sat at his table. 

      Let’s just say I wouldn’t pick a fight with him.

  • Marty Davis

    An aside:  the sequester caused the monster cold I’ve had for nearly three weeks.  Have been sleeping more and writing less.  Will be better by Monday.  So bad I haven’t been to the gym since a week ago Wednesday.  You KNOW I’m ill when I’m not in the gym two hours a day every day!  

  • Marty Davis

    Obama supporter and ex-Clintonite Lanny Davis claims Thursday that the WH threatened him by ringing up the editor of the Washington Times and ordering the Times to bag Lanny’s column or else the paper would find their White House press creds M.I.A.

  • Gs Ba33

    When you combine the sequester with this..Potus just may have finally “jumped the shark”…..

    • Marty Davis

      The Great White House Shark. …

  • Marty Davis
    • Marty Davis

      So have others.  Personal story:  two years this March I was on Jim Bohannon’s nationally syndicated radio talk show out of DC.  I was in DC to do the show.  Why I told this story I don’t know about an ex-congressman Obama state campaign head I smoked dope with on a hotel balcony in Honolulu in the early 1980s.  I named the guy. 

      Between the time I got off the show (1 a.m.) and 10 a.m. my local newspaper GM got an untraceable email with links to every nasty story written about me. 

      If everyone bullied by the Obama White House came out of the woodwork, there would be enough bruised and battered to start a third political party.

    • timzank

       His disciples and agents run far and wide and have deep connections don’t they? That’s frickin scary Chickie…

    • Marty Davis

      Remember the Clintons had their thug private dicks following around chicks.  And others.

  • Jimbotalk

    This clown had absolutely no business being reelected, and yet we reelected him anyway.  Of course Obama is overplaying his hand.  He thinks he can do no wrong.

  • Sentinel

    Driving back from the south end of the state today, I heard most of Rush Limbaugh’s show today and he brought another perspective of this whole sordid story.  This new perspective is this is just another “mis-direction” play by this admin.  Although it seemed off topic, Rush brought up that previous MSM tanker (that’s in the tank), Sharyl Attkisson, was about to go “Target Lock” on Fast & Furious only to have people within this administration calling and harrassing.  And now we have Lanny Davis (staunch Liberal) coming up on the net saying it happened to him as well.  So what do we have here?  We have a high muckety-muck within the DNC (Davis) and big fish MSM person (Woodward) and a small fish MSM person (Atkisson) all with the same story – threats and harrassment.  Now factor in they all (at least two of them) want bare their souls as to having been harrassed/threatened by people in this admin?  Methinks “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.  It looks like just another “hey watch this hand” while they do something more devious with the other hand.

    Remember the Progtard axiom – never let a crisis go to waste.

    • Marty Davis

      It is entirely possible given the “transparency” of this WH.

  • Kingscairn

    David Fluff(e), another panty waist White House thug finding time between sacheting around the Fuhrers crib playing grabass with the other libs while making threats on journalists ( can you still call them that?), most of whom deserve it. You’d think some tuffguy (lol) journalist would ask him to dance, waltz his little ass outside and open a can of wooppass – like to see it, but that aint gonna happen !

    • Marty Davis

      No, you cannot call them journalists anymore.

  • frannie

    This is the best thing that could have happened and one can only hope it snowballs and turns into the monster that takes Obama down. I can dream…..
    feel better gigi..

    • Marty Davis

      Woodward is backing off.
      Via BlackBerry

    • Marty Davis

       Thanks, Frannie!  My daughter and I went to Marshall’s this a.m. and I am so scattered I left my eyeglasses there and had to drive back to retrieve them.