NYT’s Jeff Zeleny ‘Humbled And Proud’ To Join ABC News

Guess Zeleny won’t be appearing on Fox News anymore now that he’s got a real TV news gig as ABC’s “Senior Washington Correspondent.” Huff Post.

Barack Obama Jeff Zeleny

ABC News press release: Over the past 12 years Jeff has traveled to all 50 states and reported from more than two-dozen countries while covering four Presidential campaigns including Barack Obama’s road to the White House, the Tea Party movement, Capitol Hill and the inside game of politics.

Earlier this month Jeff revealed that Karl Rove is starting a new group to focus on recruiting seasoned Republican candidates to run in the next round of Congressional races – a story that drove the news cycle for days.  During the 2012 campaign he broke the news that President Obama would support a Democratic Super PAC, a reversal from his strongly held position in 2008.

Karl Rove

Along with a team of colleagues at the Chicago Tribune in 2001, Jeff was recognized with a Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting for compelling, in-depth coverage of gridlock in the country’s air traffic control system.

A Nebraska native, Jeff is one of the country’s premier political journalists.  Indeed, late last week, Jill Abramson of The New York Times noted that Jeff is “a cornerstone of our political coverage and, as his main fan (I regularly send him mash notes after seeing him on TV), I’m well aware that he’s terrific on television.”

Jeff will bring his many talents to all our broadcasts and platforms.  No stranger to the Sunday morning shows, he will contribute regularly to our This Week roundtable.

Print or broadcast, “Reporting is reporting, and storytelling is storytelling.” Zeleny to TV Newser.

Monday, February 25, 2013 @ 12:01 PM

  • Jimbotalk

    There’s a reason she’s a Grey Lady:  Lack of circulation will do that. 
    Congrats to Jeff on leaving the sinking ship.

    • http://chickaboomer.com/ Marty Davis

      I predict there will  be other NYT ink-stained wretches bailing for TV news gigs.