Jon Stewart: Marco Rubio Like ‘Water For Elephant’

Jon Stewart Marco Rubio

“Obama talked for an hour without as much as a sip. Maybe a prompter but at least he doesn’t need an IV bag.”

Thursday, February 14, 2013 @ 7:27 AM

  • John Cobb

    I wish Stewart could explain the rules of the game to everyone,

    I thought it was racist to mention that someone could use their color or ethnicity to gain a political favor. 

    Does what is deemed racist change day to day, week to week, or do we just wait till Taxman John or some other self appointed Politco Asshole tells us?

    • Marty Davis

      Can you imagine the wrath had Stewart said the same of Obama?  I’m so done with media and political hypocrisy.

    • John Cobb

      me too!!!

  • Jimbotalk

    Memo to Conan O’Brien:  Tourettes’s isn’t talent.
    Memo to Jon Stewart:  Neither is snide. 
    Which seems to be about all this clown has. 

  • Jaccharlot

    I don’t think John will ever get sick, his jokes have so much mold on them, he could make his on penicillin.