Jon Stewart: ‘Drone Ranger’ Obama’s ‘Skygall’

Imminent: hanging over one’s head.

About to happen,  at hand, approaching, brewing, close, coming, expectant, fast-approaching, following, forthcoming, gathering, handwriting-on-the-wall, immediate, impending, in store, in the air, in the cards, in the offing, in the wind, in view, ineluctable, inescapable, inevasible, inevitable, likely, looming, menacing, near, nearing, next, nigh, on its way, on the horizon, on the verge, overhanging, possible, probable, see it coming, threatening, to come, unavoidable, unescapable.

Jon Stewart: “No worries! They’re not gonna kill you unless you’re part of the Al Qaeda Incorporated family … or one of its many subsidiaries. … The leaked documents lays out clear limitations of when terrorists can be targeted.”


Stewart slams Obama for insisting on a “broader concept of imminent”and the hypocrisy of bashing Bush: “We told you we were going to be transparent but we just didn’t tell you it was going to be about the last guy’s secrets.”

Jon Stewart Obama Drone Skygall

Thursday, February 7, 2013 @ 8:57 AM

  • John Cobb

    How about the hipocacy of ever one else John, you can start with MSNBC.

    • Jimbotalk

      Tossing off lip (or fingertip) service in emails, and traveling thousands of miles to be in the c0mpany of and provide active support for, our enemies constitute 2 entirely different things.  These targets are actively and proudly traitors.

  • Jimbotalk

    Snarky can be cute but it’s rarely a recipe for national security policy.  People might keep in mind that you have to go way out of your way, traveling thousands of miles and spending weeks and mucho dollars, to hook up with the sworn enemies of your country.  You don’t just accidentally bump into them at a singles bar.  If you’re there, you’re fair game for a Predator suppository.

    • John Cobb

      Olby and MSNBC were both spoken of quite highly by Al-Qaeda in e-mails, so, does the Big Guy have to wait till they’re out of the country, or can he off them “in house” so to speak.

      I’m confused.

    • Marty Davis

      So am I.
      Via BlackBerry