Fox News Sarah Palin Buyer’s Remorse?

No, Fox did not get the biggest bang for the bucks.

Eric Ostermeier

Eric Ostermeier weenie who counted 189,221 words Sarah Palin uttered on Fox News in three years as a $1 mil a year hired gun.

Eric Ostermeier:  With reported payments of $3 million across her three-year tenure at FOX, that means Palin was paid an average of $15.85 for the 189,221 words of analysis she provided the network.

And just what words were spoken among the 189,221 delivered by Palin during her three-year contract at FOX?

She only uttered her patented “you betcha” line twice as a FOX employee, and both during her first month as a paid analyst.

The first came on a January 28, 2010 appearance during On the Record and the other at the specific request of FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace on February 7, 2010.

A slightly more common phrase Palin dropped was “Right on!” coming in at five mentions.

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Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 5:45 PM

  • Marty Davis

    Buying Palin was like buying a new car.   It didn’t take long for Palin’s value to depreciate. 

    • Jaccharlot

      She’ll be back, she and the media go well together.

  • Sullivanmyra


  • Jimbotalk

    He counted her words?
    Well, everyone needs a hobby.