Condoleeza Rice: New Face At CBS News

“Takes first snipe as a journalist” at Barack Obama. UK Daily Mail.

Condoleeza Rice CBS News Face the Nation

Former Bush Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice popped up on CBS Face the Nation Sunday where host Bob Schieffer announced her new gig as CBS News contributor.  Rice will be on hand for CBS News inaugural coverage Monday.  NYP.

Politico: Rice will “use her insight and vast experience to explore issues facing America at home and abroad,” the network said in a statement.

(H/t Huff Post)

Sunday, January 20, 2013 @ 9:00 PM

  • Jimbotalk

    Well, that’s a little closer to fair and balanced.

    • Marty Davis

      Good move for CBS News. I’m glad she didn’t take the predictable route to Fox News.

    • Jimbotalk

      Me too!  Broadcasting out of their DC bureau as we do, I may grab her for a few interviews.

  • frannie

    More Republicans should begin flooding the networks…. start getting their message out and defining themselves so the Dems cannot…

  • Sentinel

    I wouldn’t look for any of Rice’s views to align with conservative thinking.  Rice is more of a globalist, being a member of both the CFR and the Trilateral Commission – both groups which support UN adventures as well as direction.