GE CEO Tax Dodger Jeff Immelt’s Fiscal Riff: Boehner ‘shouldn’t spend one minute using political capital to keep my rates low’

GE paid zero to the IRS in 2010 if you believe the New York Times Au contraire if you believe Fortune.

Obama jobs czar Immelt to Charlie Rose CBS This Morning Monday: “We gotta get this done now. We need to get this resolved now. Millions of people who work for us, their lives are in flux. We need revenue. Everybody knows we need revenue. There’s not been one commission that tells us we can do this just on spending cuts. Speaker Boehner has got to take the heat. We trust Speaker Boehner to do it. And he shouldn’t spend one minute using political capital to keep my rates low. But I trust him.”

Nearly a quarter have no idea who John Boehner is in a new Politico/George Washington University poll.   And 34% don’t like him. But “both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are viewed favorably by, ironically, 47 percent of likely voters.”   Obama and Hillary held in high regard as Americans demand more taxes on rich guys like Immelt and spending cuts Obama vows he won’t make.

Monday, December 10, 2012 @ 9:21 AM

  • John Cobb

    Maybe they are holding some moneys back for legal fees.

     Have they issued any press to share holders about what their “cost incurred from law suits” might be going forward, that is going to be substantial, especial when they have to cover MSNBCs “Talent”..ouch!!

    A recurring cost at that.

    • Marty Davis

       GE still owns 49% of NBC Universal. 

    • John Cobb

      It’s just accounting..and pure hypocrisy to allow those on tv to do this to others..

      but Joe Kernan the “Big Kahuna” in the pre-morning on CNBC asked Immelt on air why GE did not pay taxes, it was a drop dead moment.

      The “Big Kahuna” moniker makes sense now.

    • Marty Davis

      When was this interview, John?

    • John Cobb

      A few months back, I don’t remember.

      Joe asked Jeff straight up why GE did not pay its fair share,
      Jeff froze,

      Joe began to back up, “well it’s accounting” and all that stuff, it was funny, but, I cant put you on the date.

    • Marty Davis

       It IS accounting.  The legion of tax lawyers employed by GE to evade the IRS.

  • Sentinel

    What a bunch of shit coming out of the mouth of someone who paid ZERO corporate taxes. Would someone explain how this happens, beyond his friendship with this Fabian Marxist? GE sure as hell isn’t some “offshore/foreign” corporation!

    • Marty Davis

      Obama has helped supposed registered Republican Immelt rack up a few bill in Chinese deals, attend WH dinners, sit in Michelle Obama’s VIP House Gallery section, head a jobs and competitiveness WH group that never meets, was appointed right after the 2008 election to Obama’s economic advisory board. And more.  Search Jeff Immelt on my site.  There are more than 80 posts on Immelt and GE. 

      So now Obama trots out Immelt to put pressure on Boehner.  Remember the Occupy Wall Street pickets outside Immelt’s Connecticut mansion? 

      The NYT also reported in 2011 that GE got a $3.2 mil tax credit in 2010 as well as no taxes — ironically the same amount GE paid for another company. 

      It all stinks. 

    • Sentinel

       If Immelt is Republican, he’s a Rockefeller Republican because he doesn’t have a Conservative bone in his body – he’s a greedy piece of shit through and through.

    • Marty Davis

       Maybe GE will cease to exist when the Mayan calendar ends Dec. 21…

  • John Cobb

    Did CBS put a counter view on??

    Immelt is such an asshole, he is going to try and put pressure on CNBC again to follow O-man, that’s not their audience,  that’s whats killing them…

    CNBC was forced to “hire” Howard Dean, yes that guy, as a “Commissar” during Obamas first run. I now see who ordered it….

    • Marty Davis

       I don’t know.  It was touted as “The Immelt Interview” with GE products and services in the background.

  • Jimbotalk

    Yes, let’s take the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world, and raise them.
    Resulting in:  higher prices and fewer jobs.
    Passing Economics 101 should be mandatory for obtaining a high school diploma.

    • Marty Davis

       Immelt and his ilk make me ill.

    • John Cobb

      The Company gets lower insurance rates, that’s how they do it in Europe.

      Higher taxes lower insurance rates, that’s the trade off over there.

      If a person makes 50k euro they can expect to pay 50%, how many deductions who knows, but, not many.