Chris Christie’s Presidential Positioning: ‘I want the world to be like I hope it could be’

Jon Stewart: “You keep that up and I think you and Hillary will have quite a battle in 2016.” (Unraveling Obama‘s ruinous four years.)

“The usually verbose Christie, wouldn’t comment Thursday about the meeting with Obama.” NYDN snarks on how the New Jersey governor got “face time” with Obama but NY governor Cuomo was “snubbed” when he showed up on Obama’s doorstep Monday.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rattled his Sandy tin cup at the White House Thursday and spun Jon Stewart on the way back.

“That’s what we tried to do all through the storm. Not play politics and just play it straight, play it fair.”

Christie spins the political game after Stewart pointed out hypocritical Christie criticized Obama and then sucked up to him after the storm ravaged New Jersey.

The governor’s response: “People have different skill sets at different times.”

Incredulous laughter.  Chameleon Christie apparently was fingering himself.

Stewart: “He wasn’t a leader until  you needed leadership.”

Christie:  “Maybe until he was presented with a stark opportunity.”

Stewart gave Christie more than 12 minutes on the show and more in “extended interviews” on Stewart‘s website.

Christie uses New Jersey as a shield to justify his narcissistic personality:

Friday, December 7, 2012 @ 8:54 AM

  • Sentinel

    “Cause there’s a fat man in the bathtub with the blues
    I hear you moan, I hear you moan, I hear you moan, yeah”. (Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus)

    Christie performs for some more stimulus money. Real as to which side this Michael Moore clone butters his bread.

    • Sentinel

      “Really shows as to …” Sorry.

  • Jimbotalk

    NJ was getting disaster aid either way, because 1) they got hit hard and 2) it’s not all that blue.  All Chris has done is make it less likely that Air Force One will have to order XXX sized flight jackets.