‘Sesame Street’ Sex Scandal: Tickle Me, Elmo!

Update:  Fickle me, Elmo accuser now says he lied. NYPOutedPaid off by Elmo to shut his yapElmo puppet master resigns Nov. 20th after second kid surfaces.

Four million Facebook fans.  Turns out Elmo loves one of them more than the others.  Bert and Ernie aren’t the only gay characters on Sesame Street.   Obama is blaming Mitt Romney.

Kevin Clash, the heart, soul, and voice of Sesame Street‘s Elmo for nearly 30 years, has been silenced after a 23-year-old guy surfaced in June claiming he and Clash, then 45, had a gay thing going on since the kid was 16.

Clash acknowledges the relationship but says it didn’t start until the kid was legal.  TMZ broke the story.

Elmo and his puppet master.

Clash has taken ‘a leave of absence.” Who’s going to play Elmo? People magLet’s ask Mr. Noodle. …

NYP head.   Not a sunny day on “Sesame Street.”  NYDN.

Monday, November 12, 2012 @ 2:04 PM

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.cobb.509 John Cobb

    Your tax dollars at work…sends a thrill right up my leg.

  • Sentinel

    Is there a gerbil somewhere in the Sesame Street line-up?

    • http://chickaboomer.com/ Marty Davis

       Only when Richard Gere guests. …

    • Sentinel

       Bwaaaaaaaaahahahaha, good one.

  • Jimbotalk

    Kevin, watch whose ass you’re putting your hand up!

    • http://chickaboomer.com/ Marty Davis

      Apparently the muppeteer muffed it.