Petraeus, Paula: Shaken, Not Stirred

General David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell flaunted the FBI probe they knew about, behaving “as a couple” at a martini-soaked spy dinner in DC two weeks before they were blown.

Although they did not sit together, the general and his biographer attended the Oct. 27 OSS Society Annual Dinner as a couple. The two mingled as a couple at the VIP reception before the dinner and as the general made his way around the Washington Ritz Carlton ballroom, Broadwell followed one pace behind.  Human Events.

Multiple sources tell NBC News the woman with her back to the camera is Paula Broadwell. She is pictured at a reception prior to the annual OSS Society awards dinner in Washington on Oct. 27. Gen. David Petraeus also attended the event, making it the last time the two are known to have been together in public before the scandal that claimed Petraeus’ career as CIA director went public.

Washingtonian mag caption: Wouldn’t it be fun to know what these men are talking about—a joke or national security? They are former director of national intelligence Ambassdor John Negroponte, former CIA director William Webster, awardee former CIA director Robert Gates, and current CIA director General David Petraeus. Photograph by James R. Brantley.

Yes, wouldn’t it. …

NBC News:  One former senior U.S. intelligence official who attended, “It’s mind-boggling that she could be so reckless as to show up at high-profile events like this, shortly after learning the FBI was investigating their affair.”

UK Daily Mirror.

Thursday, November 15, 2012 @ 10:54 AM

  • keyboard jockey

    One pace behind – stalking is a crime isn’t it LOL! 

    • Marty Davis

       So I hear.

  • Geezer

    Caption for photo of Petraeus speaking to Gates et al:

    “See that woman over there in the flowery dress?  I’m hitting that.”

    • Marty Davis

      Look at Gates’s eyes. 

    • John Cobb

      Petraeus to his fellow dicks  “and then I did her under the desk”.

  • John Cobb

    We will now find out if Paula is in love with “Peaches”, or, in love with power.

  • Sentinel

    Apparently, “An Army of One” means one wife and one mistress.

    • Cara

      You just keep doing it, Sentinal. Perfect!


  • Ilivea Suenleigh

     Re: “…. she could be so reckless as to show up at high-profile events like this, …FBI investigating …”
      (1)  This criteria better fits a critique of Petraeus. They both are guilty, Petraeus mores so. There is no honor when he took accountability only when CAUGHT. He wasted HUGE taxpayer money by taking pay while failing duty, and causing a huge investigation b/c he had no integrity. (i.e, not his 1st affair, just the 1st one caught).
      (2) Paula was invited to this event, and it would be rude – maybe career damaging – to NOT attend a military / gov’t social event. As an officer, Broadwell was also trained, like all the men, to be strong in all ways (i.e., she’s not “aggressive b!itch just for having high quality skills).  She had integrity to honor her commitment to attend.
      (3) The affair ended 10 months prior (& only lasted 4 months). I.e., big whoop.
          It is moronic to “forgive” Petraeus since he actually broke laws, and “blame” Broadwell who broke no laws. They are 2 consenting adults who both flubbed. They are/were both Army officers, they run in similar social circles. It is immature and petty to expect her (& not him)  to stay home, esp when HE had more reasonS to be ashamed.  There’s a reason he only took accountability when caught – he is guilty and did this willingly.  He wasn’t forced to do anything.    Broadwell “Reckless”? – a far-from-true comment from a typical misogynist, cave-man mind. Why don’t we just brand Broadwell w/ a glowing red, “A”, while congratulating Petraeus for his “conquest”?    Grow up.

    • Sentinel

       As to your comments on the lack of recklessness of Broadwell,  apparently you are dismissive of her removal of classified documents from wherever she “procured” them as well as her blurring of the lines between her military career (as a Reservist I might add) and her civilian vocation as a writer/biographer.

      As since it seems you’ve never been an officer, an officer is held to higher tolerances of conduct to include not having an affair with your superior(s) as well as person(s) who are married.  Your argument of “two consenting adults” doesn’t hold water for military officers – adultery is still adultery in the military no matter what your justification is.

      And finally, the jury is still out on Broadwell’s violation of any laws with respect to the removal of classified documents.  I don’t know of too many LTCs who are able to remove classified documents and “store” them in an approved container at their residence – it doesn’t happen.


      Well written. Broadwell’s security clearance was suspended, as I recall pending the outcome of an investigation. If Broadwell’s security clearance is revoked, then she will no longer be able to serve as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. And if she is released from the reserves, she’ll may revert to Major, as she  was only promoted to Light Colonel earlier this year. Excellent point about adultery. An officer who commits adultery is in line for a court martial. If the Army chooses to throw the book at Broadwell, they could recall her to active duty to be court martialed. On the other hand, back in 1997, Air Force Lieutenant Kelly Flinn committed adultery, disobeyed a direct order to cease an affair and was given a general discharge. Something similar will probably happen to Broadwell. When it does, her fifteen minutes worth of fame will end. Broadwell’s possession of classified documents should be enough to give her a career damaging reprimand at the very least. Again, if her security clearance is revoked then she is through as a reserve Army Officer.

  • Jimbotalk

    “So I flipped open my cloak and showed her my dagger.”