Petraeus Paraphernalia Purveyors Pocketing Fools’ Gold

David Petraeus may not be making out so well these days, but mercenary memorabilia merchants of misery are making out big time pitching one of the General’s autographed balls.  Among other “collectibles.”

NYP Online entrepreneurs are hoping the spectacular fall of Gen. David Petraeus will bring sky-high prices as they hawk all manner of Petraeus-themed memorabilia on eBay this holiday season.

Since the scandal broke, buyers have been snapping up — and bidding up — autographed baseballs, military “challenge” coins, and signed photos of the former CIA chief, who quit this month after admitting to an affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell.

One seller was offering an “exceptionally rare” item: a “custom coffee mug hand-signed” by Petraeus when he was commanding general of forces in Iraq, for $850.

“He has now resigned due to an extramarital affair. Genuine Petraeus items are surely going to become much harder to find, and an item such as this is a one-time event,” the seller wrote, although no one made a $400 starting bid by yesterday.

The bids ran as high as $249 this week for a “Rawlings Official Major League baseball signed by Four Star General David Petraeus” obtained at a political event in Washington.

An embossed 2009 invitation to a dinner honoring Petraeus when he was head of Central Command was going for $24.50. Cream-of-asparagus soup and herb grilled chicken breast were on the menu.

Several sellers are trying to cash in on “challenge coins” that members of the military are known to carry and sometimes use to instigate drinking bets. Petraeus often had his staff pass coins with his insignia to people he met.

The asking price this week for one challenge coin from when Petraeus was at CentCom was $149. Earlier in the week, a Patraeus CIA coin sold for $182.50, and one from Baghdad sold for $152.50. The highest active bid last night was up to $142.50,

And mementos from Petraeus’ brief — and now unimaginable — flirtation with a presidential run this year also showed up.

A T-shirt emblazoned with a photo of Petreaus, with the slogan, “General For President” was fetching $12.95. And a “General Petraeus 2012” bumper magnet had a $6.99 bid.

Another seller wanted $34.95 for a “RARE and AMAZING 8×10 glossy photograph of the Beautiful Biographer of the Great General Petraeus!” But the offer wasn’t attracting any bids.

A “David Petraeus Paula Broadwell Wall Art Print 14 x 11” — basically a grip-and-grin photo of the two — was going for $19.95. The best deal of all might be the $4.95 one seller is seeking for a copy of The Post’s front-page Petraeus story headlined “Brass Balls.” The story details The Post’s exclusive reporting on efforts by Petraeus and Gen. John Allen to intervene in a child-custody case involving Natalie Khawam, military socialite Jill Kelley’s twin sister.

“NY POST CIA SEX SCANDAL David Petraeus,” said the advertisement, not quite up to the famed headline-writing talents of The Post’s copy desk.

Friday, November 23, 2012 @ 10:46 AM

  • Geezer

    “The bids ran as high as $249 this week for a “Rawlings Official Major
    League baseball signed by Four Star General David Petraeus” obtained at a
    political event in Washington.”

    Holly Petraeus will be auctioning off two other Petraues balls — after she gets done squeezing the life out of them.

    • Jimbotalk

      Very few purple hearts hang from a scrotum.

    • Marty Davis

      Good one, G!

  • 4lsanday

    The camo rubbers with four stars are a hot seller.

    • Jimbotalk

      Well of course!  Those four stars are for her pleasure!

    • Marty Davis

       Those metal stars have to hurt big time!

  • Sentinel

    Wonder if his marriage license is up for bid?

    • Marty Davis

       The only political wife I’m aware of who didn’t stand by her man is Jenny Sanford.  Mrs. Sanford dumped SC Governor Mark Sanford after he was caught dicking around in Argentina.  But Mrs. Sanford had the dough in the family.  Sanford is still with his Argentinian mistress.

    • Sentinel

       I was tracking that one as well; since Mark Sanford seemed to be a rising star for the Republicans.  These political wives are almost as disgusting as their men, to me.  Maybe it’s just my “old fashioned” (and out of touch) value system, but I find this behavior reprehensible and along the same evolutionary line as that of rats.

      Glad for Mrs. Sanford.

    • Marty Davis

       Executive summary:  the wives don’t want to lose the lifestyle.

    • Sentinel

      Maybe Robin Leach can make a comeback with a new show, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless”.

    • Marty Davis