Jon Stewart On John McCain’s Susan Rice ‘Obsession’: ‘A crotchety Gran Torino-ish Old F**k’

“They may be right. Though on the scale of public misstatements, Rice’s comments seems to fall more towards the embarrassing evidence of institutional disorganization end of the scale. These two don’t get to be the ones to self-righteously get angry about this.”

Stewart recalls McCain and Graham‘s defense of Condoleeza Rice‘s Saddam WMD assertion which Stewart claims was false and she knew it: “Remember these two from a decade ago?”


Rice met Wednesday with two more Republican senators, one of them Susan Collins of Maine.

Wash Post: “Even moderate Republican and onetime Rice supporter Sen. Susan Collins declined to offer her backing,” noting Rice went on MSNBC Wednesday and said that John Kerry “would make an excellent secretary of state and would be easily confirmed.”

Thursday, November 29, 2012 @ 8:53 AM

  • Jimbotalk

    Once and for all, before the big lie becomes accepted fact,
    He used chemical weapons on Iran and the Kurds.
    He had, at one time, a serious nuclear weapons program, and he endlessly refused to let international inspectors visit nuclear sites without warning. 
    Granted, some people are too uninformed to know this.
    Others are lying demagogues.
    Some are just clowns like Jon Stewart, who’d be better at throwing cream pies than dissecting foreign and defense policy. 

  • Doug Parker

    Get us to it People. This is the New America. No respect for National Heroes. People actually watch Stewart and think he is funny. Even more alarming is the fact they believe the news that he is giving out as actually being true.

    • Marty Davis

       Lost in this debate, mostly.  The four who were brutally murdered.