Is Bob Beckel ‘The Joe Biden Of Fox News’?

Barely there?

“I didn’t use any crude language!  That was not crude language.  I apologize for crude language. Oh, what?  I’didn’t, c’mon, man, you can’t hang me with that!  That’s not right. There was nothing wrong with that!  One More Thingis up next.  Ahhhh.”

Fox News The Five’s foul-mouthed Bob Beckel blabbing to invisible Master Control after suggesting nudists were “gang banged, probably” as children.

It’s just another in a long line of raw, unhinged Beckel on-air exposure  that, in the aggregate, should result in a suspension, and for broadcast networks, would garner hefty FCC fines.

The issue:  San Francisco Board of Supervisors voting on banning public nudity.

The question from The Five’s co-host Dana Perino:  ” What happened to these people as children that they don’t want to wear any clothes?’

Beckel:  “‘Most of them were gang banged probably.”

Oh-oh, Bob’s stepping in it again as The Five gang jumps on him.

Beckel: “I don’t know – they could have had sexual assault on them.”

That makes sense.

Oh, and the ban on public nudity passed on a thin 6-5 vote.

“A colorful explanation.”  Mediaite on Bob‘s bizarre brain dropping.

Not exactly the reaction on Twitter.  UK Daily Mail:

One user tweeted: ‘I wonder if [Perino] is proud to sit & made to shut up next to the misogynist men on [Fox News]. This is disgusting.’

Another suggested that Beckel has ‘evolved from the village idiot.’

One more suggested that Beckel’s remark earns him the distinction of the ‘Joe Biden of Fox News.’

Somebody at Fox News has to master control over Beckel. His behavior is intolerable and it is clear he has zero control over himself.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 @ 8:33 AM

  • Jimbotalk

    Bob would have to stay up all night cramming to pass the village idiot midterms.  If he’s evolved from anything, it’s one-celled.
    Therefore, to answer your question, no–he’s vastly superior to Biden. 

  • lj

    I can’t believe he is allowed to continue to add that “trailer trash” element to what’s otherwise a great show.  He’s like the drunk uncle that shows up at holiday dinners and you never know what’s going to come out of his mouth.  Certainly Ailes could find an acceptable replacement…I hear there’s plenty more where he came from!! 

    • Dan – Marysville, WA

       I would love to see RINO Joe Scarborough eviscerated on this show but Joe doesn’t have the guts which is why he’s on MSNBC playing Mika’s lap dog..

    • Marty Davis

       Used to be Mika was Joe’s lap dog.  …

    • lj

      Anyone would be better than Beckel.  

  • John Cobb

    Bob turned against Elliott Spitzer, after the Gov made solicitation of prostitutes a felony in NY.

    I am not joking!!  

    Bob and Elliott have some strange standards.

  • Sentinel

    Beckel is the retarded poster child for liberalism. Either Ailes or Hannity has a soft spot for this drunken fool to remain employed.

  • 4lsanday

    He is getting worse. Not just language but emotions. Look at the Twinkie bit from last week not the first time of late that he seems to lose it emotionally.

    • Marty Davis

       Typical of addicts’ personality.  They have no boundaries.  Hence his downing the Twinkie shake to show he can handle it.  Rather than make him look big and bad — like he believes — his behavior makes others believe he is wacko.

      Challenges with known negative consequences are taken on just to say he did it.  Sick. 

  • scott

    google image search

  • Thomas Sullivan

    Let’s just say that Bob’s brain has seen better days.

    • Marty Davis

       All those years of drug abuse, alcohol, hookers et al. has taken its toll on Bob, who claims to be drug-free but the damage is obvious. 

      I’ve said this before:  he may not be drinking or drugging but he is a “dry drunk” with the same ego-driven, controlling hard-core, foul personality as he had while indulging in drugs. 

      Bob is not a sober person.  He does not behave like a sober person.  He wears his character defects on his sleeve.

      An aside:  A friend just died.  Former Senator Warren Rudman.  Recovering alcoholic Warren put me on the path to sobriety in the early 1990s.  RIP Warren.

  • Dan – Marysville, WA

    Beckel and Geraldo are the a** clowns of Fox News .  Fox News really should dump these two butt wipes.

    • Marty Davis

       Don’t get me started on Geraldo.  Beckel has repeatedly demonstrated he cannot control himself in a professional broadcast environment.  He needs to go.

  • Cara32

    I can not decide which is worse – looking at him or listening to him.

    • Marty Davis

       Both.  I loathe Beckel.

  • 4lsanday

    Joe Tippe would be a good Demorat foil on the Five and he is already somewhat inthe Fox stable.

  • Tsadler1

    Bob Beckel makes biden look intelligent. I can’t believe that he would call non union people  scabs on national TV. I worked for 47 years hard and did not need them crooks to get  me a job or to keep my job. Any union workers I have ever seen has been lazy do nothings. The only ones that make out is the BA,s. Bob Beckel should be fired his foul mouth. I hope he receives this.
                                                          Thomas Sadler Baltimore,Md.

    • Marty Davis

      Thomas, thank you for your comment.  Your points are well-taken.  I had to join a couple of unions when I was in TV news.  They didn’t get me my jobs and didn’t help me keep my jobs. 

      But the benefits were good.  Medical, dental, vision.

      I am not a fan of Bob Beckel and believe he should’ve been at least suspended the first time he shot his mouth off with expletives that should’ve been deleted.  Fox will retain him because ratings for “The Five” are really high.  Name-calling is unacceptable, irresponsible, unprofessional and more.  Angry, uncontrollable Beckel’s guilty as charged.