Joe Biden’s Miscue

Henry Mancini‘s March of the Cue Balls from the TV show Mr. Lucky seems to be an appropriate music bed to accompany Mr. Unlucky in November Joe Biden’s many bizarre gaffes.  Can’t chalk this one up to Joe Being Joe.

The latest foul stroke racked up by Joe:

UK Daily Mail (h/t Vinney)

Saturday, October 27, 2012 @ 6:39 AM

  • Sixtus66

    And not a mention of this latest “gaffe” on the network news programs. I haven’t read the Washington Post or the Baltimore Sun yet, and I hope I’m wrong…But I’m sure there isn’t a mention of that anywhere where people read and pay attention. 

    Every misstep, every mispronunciation, every “gaffe” from the Bush Administration was fodder for discussion, dissection and concern. Not so for this administration…And the media isn’t biased? 

    • Marty Davis

       Nothing in the Wash Post.  I’d heard something about it a couple of weeks ago but no one really picked up on it then.

      ‘Tis true what you write about the Bush WH. 

      Wait until Romney wins.  The media Mitt gaffe machine will be going full tilt boogie.

  • Jimbotalk

    To which the perfect answer would have been, “Yes, although not nearly as large as your mouth.”

    • Marty Davis

      I wish he would’ve thought to say that.  But again, you’re talking to a brick wall.

  • frannie

    Biden throws the cringe-o-matic meter through the roof!  He reminds me of a drinker I know. Great guy to share a drink and a joke with … but after awhile he became the joke….

    • Marty Davis

       Biden’s got serious psychological issues.

  • John Cobb

    It’s so odd, the standards of decorum for these high profile jobs seems not to matter anymore.
    I guess common respect will return someday.

    It’s not that the prez or vp are bad people, it’s just they don’t get what it is they represent.

  • Grandpa D

    Are these really “gaffes” or is this how VP Biden thinks.

    • Marty Davis

      How he thinks, me thinks.

  • Sentinel

    Hey Joe, has your brain always been the size of an English pea?