‘This was a primal scream from a longtime Fox employee’

4-17-12 Update: CNN’s Reliable Sources ratings sucked. TVNewser
“I’m not a disgruntled employee.  I was very gruntled.”

And very stupid.  Executive summary of CNN Reliable Sources Howard Kurtz Exclusive! interview with “Fox News Mole” Joe Muto:  He couldn’t find another job, claiming he was “blackballed” because he worked at Fox.  “My, my story, my story, had to be told.  I, I couldn’t, I couldn’t be there one more day without, you know, exploding.” 

While insisting “I’m not a sociopath,” Muto muses “I don’t foresee anyone outside of Current TV hiring me.”
Pity. Sociopath is a personality asset at some cable news networks.

Grade F.  An abject waste of air with a callow whiner peddling poor me with distorted, false recollections and charges.

There are reasons Muto was only promoted at Fox once in eight years.

Muto breathlessly claims when he was leaking to Gawker anonymously “I couldn’t reveal everything.”  If he had “they would’ve gotten me right away.” 

Fox did nail him straight away.  In less than 24 hours after his first Gawker post at 3:11pm on Tuesday, he was identified by noon on Wednesday, confronted by late afternoon and escorted out of the building.

For everything else he babbled to an unimpressed Kurtz, consider the source.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012 @ 2:07 PM

  • Zone Daiatlas

    If I was him, I shut my mouth because a lawsuit is coming and he's dead meat when News Corp lawyers get a hold of him.  The same goes for Nick Denton and Gawker, but they don't care.  They've been known to stick their nose up and defy court orders, and you would think after Sarah Palin embarassed them when she won a lawsuit against Nick Denton and Gawker that they would think twice about posting stolen copy righted material on the website…

  • keyboard.jockey1@gmail.com

    I say let them thumb their noses at the law, and sue them for every penny they have. This Muto guy was a little fish swimming in a big pond. Now he's a little fish swimming in a smaller pond and it looks like his pond is going to get repossed. 

    Even if you were Fox New's competition why would you hire someone you know has a history of subterfuge? He's right he's not going to work in cable news again. 

  • Jo

    That's the trouble with guys like him, if he does it to them he will do it to anyone. Bye bye and good ridiance.

  • Marty

    The mere fact that Muto brought up the word sociopath claiming it wasn't him is damning.  Who even uses that word unless he heard someone else dub him that?  He's certifiable.  Enough pathology to resink the Titanic.

  • Marty

    This Muto is so insignificant I wouldn't even bother with a lawsuit.  Muto has no actionable intel.

  • Cara

    Ready…Aim…..You're fired!

  • jimbotalk

    Muto, a mutt, is muted.
    Except to say, “Would you like fries with that?”

  • Marty

    Walmart wouldn't hire this pipsqueak.
    Via my BlackBerry